Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Business Travel

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be tricky enough when you spend the majority of your time in one place, so keeping on top of your eating habits can really be tested when there is the added obstacle of frequent travel. Whether it’s been a long day of pulling your suitcase through airports, eating out with clients or just pure exhaustion it can be increasingly difficult to make healthy choices. However, with a little mindfulness and planning towards your diet you can curb those chocolate cravings and late night burgers!

Plan your meals.

It’s easier said than done to plan your meals, especially if your focus is on that important meeting or career changing presentation, however if you don’t plan ahead with your restaurant choices its almost guaranteed that you’ll end up with a convenient, but unwholesome meal. My tip is to research the restaurants in the area you’re travelling to and see if you can plan your meals from the menus, and when this isn’t an option consider steaks or salmon with a nice salad or vegetables over a mountain of carbs!

PlanBring snacks.

When you’re out and about sometimes you just need a little something to graze on, and more often than not various chocolate bars or crisps are the most readily available. However healthy snacks are pretty easy to come by these days, with supermarkets offering full aisles to them. My tip here is to pop down to the supermarket the day before your travel and pick up some delicious healthy snacks to munch on between meals.healthy snacks 1


Drink water.

This may sound like fairly obvious advice but the benefits of drinking water (such as improved energy levels and brain function) can never be oversold in my eyes. Drinking enough water can be a challenge in usual daily life, and again this can be further complicated when travelling. Problems can arise in some countries where you may be advised to not drink tap water, and getting to a shop to buy bottled water all the time can be time consuming and inconvenient. My tip to overcome this is to get yourself a good water filter such as the Sawyer Mini Filter so that you can safely and easily drink the local water.

Drink water 1


It’s not all bad news!

Travelling for business may offer up plenty of hindrances when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it is not all bad. The amount of walking that is done when travelling is great in keeping up physical activity levels (especially in some of those less well designed airports!) A great way of tracking this is through the health app on your Apple IPhone or using a fitness tracking device like the Fitbit.


Written by Matt Pople