The World’s Most Luxurious Airports

Singapore Changi Airport

Ranking airports is a tricky task, as describing their strengths and weaknesses can differ from person to person. However number one in our list covers all bases in an outstanding fashion, from extreme efficiency, luxury layover facilities and state of the art fitness and entertainment activities. The Singapore Changi Airport has been described in a 2015 survey as a ‘five-star hotel which commuters and holiday makers alike are sad to leave’ with free Wifi, free city tours, a free movie theatre, an impressive gym with shower facilities and a butterfly garden with a koi pond it’s not hard to see why!

Seoul International Airport

Hot on the heels of the Singapore Changi Airport is the sleekly designed Seoul Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Not quite as flashy as number one in this list but extremely impressive nonetheless, with impeccable service, a friendly cultural feel with reasonably priced restaurants and enough comfortable seating to make Heathrow Airport blush with embarrassment, the Seoul Incheon International Airport is a worthy second in this list.

Hong Kong International Airport

In third place is the Hong Kong International Airport, supposedly the cleanest airport in the world and as it is one of the biggest airports in the world it is an impressive claim. Despite its size it is easy to navigate with a number of interactive terminal maps to help any nationality. Not to be outdone by its Asian neighbours the Hong Kong International Airport offers 24 hour food options and the country’s biggest IMAX theatre showing a number of international films throughout the day. Perhaps it is not as flamboyant as the top two in this list but it is still a wonderfully designed airport.

Munich International Airport

Breaking the run of outstanding Asian airports is The Munich International Airport. Run with true German efficiency and organisation makes any trip in to Munich uncomplicated and reliable. Don’t let the precision of this simple and sleek airport hide the abundance of added services and facilities. Whilst free Wifi is to be expected in most airports, the addition of sleeping pods, a casino, a cinema and even an airport brewery add a unique flair to this German travel centre.

Vancouver International Airport

North America’s first entry in to Lukso’s most luxury airports list is courtesy of The Vancouver International Airport. It may not be as flashy as the top four in the list; however, the welcoming, comfortable and fantastically friendly feeling meant that it was a certainty to appear in this article. Vancouver International is a much more conventional airport in comparison to the top four, however the one outstanding feature is the giant aquarium in the departure lounge, which wouldn’t look out of place in a marine theme park! With a pleasant atmosphere, impeccable cleanliness and efficient transport links, North America’s top airport isn’t far behind the Asian super airports.


Written by Matt Pople