Top 7 Travel Gadgets for Work and Play

Portable Battery Charger
A must have for any modern day traveller wanting to avoid the dreaded dead battery on the move. Now you can keep emailing, watching films or just stay available while away from a plug socket. There’s a variety of options out there dependent on the size, power, ruggedness and price required. You can check out’s review of the best and most rounded chargers of 2015.


Hidden Money Belt
Look stylish, keep your trousers up and your hard earned money safe; we think a money belt is a no brainer when travelling to any pickpocket-prone environments. Again, there are plenty to pick from dependent on your personal preference, we found a good variety at


Overboard Waterproof Phone Case
Are there many things more precious to travellers on the go then their mobile phone? We don’t think so, and now thanks to Overboard’s Waterproof Phone Case you can use your phone in a whole range of previously un-thinkable situations.
The Overboard Waterproof Phone Case will allow you to comfortably seal your phone for completely functional use in water. You can take calls, send emails or book a car from the pool, beach or even on your surfboard! As well as this, the case will protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand, which could prove to be very useful in itself on more adventurous trips.
You can browse and buy these handy cases at case
Mobile Tablet Gaming Controller

While there’s no doubt that the games you can play on tablets can be hugely entertaining, some games just aren’t the same without a proper gaming controller. Portable tablet controllers allow you to connect to your tablet/smart phone and control your favourite characters in an experience much more akin to that of a console.
Certainly a must-have bit of kit for any gaming enthusiasts with long travel plans. You can read a useful review of the top 10 available at


Wallet Ninja
Something you would expect to see in James Bond’s wallet, the Wallet Ninja combines 18 different tools, whilst being ultra slim and capable of sliding easily into your current wallet. Including a bottle opener, screwdriver and even phone stand, we think adding the Wallet Ninja to your travel pack is a must.
You can browse Wallet Ninja’s and other micro-accessories on their website



Franklin 12-Language Translator
While there’s no doubt being in a foreign speaking country can be fun and exciting, sometimes it’s useful to have some idea what people are saying, or indeed what you need to say. The Franklin 12-Language Translator is ideal to carry in your pocket or bag to get you out of any potentially tricky situations where you could end up a bit lost in translation! The translator is even capable of speaking for you, a feature particularly useful for the less vocally confident traveller.


Noise Cancelling Headphones
Ideal for any long or noisy trips, Noise-cancelling headphones will allow you to enjoy your films or music whilst blocking out the sound of any outside distractions. So whether it’s crying babies, loud engines, or just small-talk, they have got you covered. Like with most high tech gadgets, there’s a variety of options out there to suit your budget and performance requirements.
You can read a useful review of the best available in 2016 at




Written by Tom Harkin